Team Leads

Michael – “Mak”

Mak is team leader with over 30 years of security, operations and technology experience. He leads Palisade’s team of Executive Protection agents inside the United States as well as in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Mak is a licensed private detective, a GA state instructor,  an officer in the Georgia DoD, an NRA and tactical weapons instructor, a military weapons instructor, a weapons simulator instructor.  Mak is the coach of the GA National Guard Alpha Marksmanship Team. He is a board member at Georgia Professional Private Investigators (GAPPI.) Michael holds a B.A. from the University of Redlands, is conversant in French and understands / speaks portions of several other languages.

Larry – “Spidey”

Larry has been involved in the area of investigation and security for the past thirty-eight years. He served in a law enforcement capacity with the Marine Corps where he worked as a Shore Patrol Officer, Marine Chaser, and Military Police Investigator assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division. He later served as a hand-to-hand combat instructor and was recruited into the Protective Services Branch where he served as the close protection agent assigned to high-ranking officers, and dignitaries throughout the world. He is a Georgia licensed Private Investigator and serves on the board of the GA Association of Professional Private Investigators. Larry has extensive training in the area of executive protection from numerous facilities including U.S. Marine Protection Services Training, Marine Corps Embassy Guard, U.S. Secret Service, Executive Security International, NIA, Institute of Public Service, Blackwater, BSR, and the Executive Protections Institute. Larry has protected numerous high-profile celebrities, Fortune 500 executives, political figures, and authors.

Spencer – “LARS”

Spencer heads Palisade’s intelligence section. He is also a company commander with the Georgia National Guard  and a Military Intelligence Officer skilled in developing and executing strategic, operational, and tactical level intelligence operations; and leading multi-functional teams. He has investigation experience including advanced open source analysis, product development, surveillance, Federal investigation support, and multi-agency case development. He is a current member of the GA National Guard Marksmanship Team.  He holds a dual BA in Chemistry and Russian Studies and a Masters in Intelligence Team Management. Spencer is currently completing his state requirements for GA Private Investigator.

Benjamin – “reaper7”

A retired Army senior NCO, Benjamin  currently serves as an Executive Protection team leader for Palisade.  Benjamin is a team-oriented security professional with more than 15 years in government security, security management/training and physical fitness training management. He has received extensive training in Executive Protection while in the Army and in private service.  During his term in the military, he was trained and led a 48 member strike force responsible for eliminating 74 high value targets in Eastern Afghanistan over the course of nine months.   Benjamin has been awarded 35 official commendations for personal achievement and contributions to the team.  He has nearly 50 months of combat leadership experience on the tactical level. Benjamin is a Georgia Licensed Private Detective.  Calm and level headed in high stress, chaotic environments, Benjamin is a valued member of the Palisade team.

Mike – “NEMO”

In addition to being an EP team lead, Mike designs much of our training curriculum and standards.  Mike served as a Recon Marine for more than 15 years with multiple deployments in Afghanistan.   He is a Primary Marksmanship Instructor as well as a CQB and Small Unit Tactics instructor.  Following the Marines, he spent time with the DoD and the Dept. of State.  While at the DoS, Mike provided world-wide protective services.  He was an EP instructor and a Personal Security Detail instructor. He is also skilled in Installation, Facilities and Personal Threat Assessment. Mike is currently completing his state requirements for GA Private Investigator.

Eric – “Driver”

Eric has a broad mix of military and security experience.  He serves as a team lead for Palisade.  Eric utilizes his military training and education to provide outstanding close protection to our clients. Eric is a Georgia licensed private detective as well as licensed armed and unarmed guard.  He recently left the National Guard and over the previous 8 years had served several roles including  armory control and squad marksman.

Ryan – “Swager”

A protection team lead and an EP instructor, Ryan has been active in the National Guard for more than 10 years.  In addition to many other schools, Ryan proudly wears the Air Assault patch.  He has had 6 deployments, 3 or which have been in active war zones.  He has attended multiple schools at the Joint Warfighter Center including Counterterrorism, Active Shooter Response and Emergency Disaster Response.  Ryan is a team member of the GA National Guard Alpha Marksmanship team and has returned from Nationals this year with one of the few Chief’s 50 awards held in Georgia. He is medical emergency response trained including Combat Lifesaver and Practical Nurse ASI.  Ryan is currently completing his state requirements for GA Private Investigator.

Julie – “JAZZ”

Julie is Palisade’s  Director of Operations and serves as the headquarters focal point for field operations.  Additionally, she is responsible for background reports and subject portfolios.  Before joining Palisade as a founding partner, she left her career as a global technology executive and was managing partner of a corporate strategy firm working with Fortune 500 companies. .  She is a Georgia Licensed Private detective and joins both protection teams and investigative assignments when needed.  Julie has a BS in Business Administration from Illinois State University.  She is a NRA Pistol Instructor.

HOward – “Boomer”

Howard is a graduate of Executive Security International (ESI). He is a trained member of FEMA Civilian Emergency Response Team (CERT).  In college, he focused on Criminal Justice with a minor in History. Howard manages many of our high-end armed and private security engagements for events, asset protection, personalities and national emergencies. He has extensive training in surveillance, covert protection, first responder medical treatment, estate security, threat and risk assessments, tactical shooting, protective driving and many other principals of protection. He attended Marine Military Academy and enlisted in the US Marine Corps 1988.  Howard is currently completing his state requirements for GA Private Investigator.