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The need for protection comes in many different forms to many different people.  People often are   at risk. Well known are the requirements to keep celebrities and other public figures safe and out of harm’s way.  However, less obvious but no less important are the needs to keep business executives, company employees and management, pastors, athletes and high-wealth individuals – and their families safe from harm.


Investigation is the act of seeking the truth and answering of questions – both about people, their actions and other events.  Investigators are skilled in observation and trained to properly collect evidence and document events.  Private investigators are utilized when it is not possible or practical to use police detectives and are often more specialized in specific types of non-criminal as well as criminal investigations.


Risk is a part of life.  Identifying and mitigating risk is the job of specialists who adeptly observe weaknesses or challenges in physical locations, operations, products and activities.  These highly trained specialists, are experienced in identifying areas within a business, or an individual’s activities and lifestyle, that may not be obvious weaknesses but can open opportunities for disastrous problems.


a few words about us

Palisade International offers a breadth of security related services that not many firms are positioned to offer in the Southeastern United States.  The company was created by a security professional with many years of experience in operational security, executive protection and investigation.

The company focuses on providing the highest quality, best trained and most experienced agents and investigators to meet the specific needs and requirements for our clients. Every engagement is different and treated as such.

For both overt and covert protection engagements, our agents are able to integrate closely into executive teams or become just another face in the crowd.  Primarily of military descent, these agents are well-versed in advance work, protection and evacuation protocols.  They are also able to recommend other technologies to support in the efforts to keep our clients and their families safe.

With regards to investigations, our agents have the latest technology and skills to consistently achieve the specific goals of the investigation.

Regardless of our clients’ needs,  Palisade International has the team with the experience to get the job done.

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All of our agents maintain the required licensing, education and skills to successfully complete the engagements that they are assigned.  Whether sole assignments or team engagements, Palisade’s agents get the job done.



From risk analysis to protection, from surveillance to computer forensics, Palisade provides the full range of services that encompasses virtually all security needs.



Most security issues create a significant amount of stress for those involved.  Palisade’s management and agents quickly engage and focus on relieving that stress for our clients – while maintaining complete discretion. 

Recent Engagements
Hostile Termination & Vulnerability Study

A large, multinational manufacturer of electronics and security products terminated two employees for cause. During the termination, these employees stated that they were members of a large, multinational latino gang and made direct threats to the Director of HR and top executives. This engagement involved an in-depth vulnerability study and risk analysis and 24 hour onsite executive protection.

Missing Person
Recent Engagements
Missing Person

This case involved a young man who suffered from severe mental health issues. He had a repetitive behavior of discontinuing medication and disappearing to other areas of the US. After responding to sightings over several months, surveillance confirmed the subject’s location, photos were provided to his family for confirmation of his identity and the individual was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold. His family was then able to enroll him in an inpatient clinic.

Recent Engagements
Protection From Stalker

A public personality at a national media company was recently harassed by a stalker. The individual visited one of the corporate offices and left cryptic and violent manifestos regarding the celebrity. This engagement spanned public protection of the celebrity during appearances and movement as well as investigation, stalker personality typing and interaction with local police. Suspect was eventually arrested and no harm came to the principle.

Recent Engagements
International Protection

Palisade International was part of a joint effort to protect an Atlanta-based pastor on a recent trip to Kenya and Nigeria. Terrorist activity in the region escalated the risk to the principal. Advance activities included route planning, engagement of local law enforcement, secure transportation and venue advance for multiple public appearances. Advance planning, adequate engagement of resources and visual security presence prevented any disturbances or attacks.

TV Show
Recent Engagements
TV Celebrity Filming

Palisade International was engaged to support the weekly filming of a multi-city live-cast human interest series. This engagement included the advance of each filming location, transportation planning, site security during filming and escorting the talent to their destinations after filming each evening. When possible, female agents were assigned to female talent and male agents to male talent.

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